Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today I am grateful that sometimes I feel sad...

did I just say that? It is so easy to be grateful for all the good stuff in our lives...all the stuff that makes us feel good...but we can't always feel good, right?

Right now I have two babies with the stomach bug and they have been feeling really crappy for two days and that breaks my heart. Even when they are big, you still feel really sad for your cuties when they are sick :(

Sometimes we feel bad...physically and emotionally. There are things that make us so frustrated and make us cry and make us question everything. There are things that make us feel bad, and down, and just plain crappy... I am grateful for those things. For one, I am grateful that I don't always feel sad, but when I do, like today, I am grateful that I pretty much can work through those sad feeling, and those times help me realize how amazing my life really is. I don't know why I have been feeling so low life has really changed the past little while. I feel sad that my parents are really struggling with their health. I feel sad that friends I felt I would always have-have pulled away and aren't so close, partly my fault, I know. Then there is the busyness that is now my life that I have been trying to adjust to and not sure I will ever get used to...It's life, and sometimes it hurts and it is lonely even with a house full of my little friends. The lowest of lows makes the good and rich times in my life that much more uplifting. The rough, uncertain times enhance the moments of joy exponentially! (Big word...I wasn't even sure quite how to spell it!)
I hate to admit it, but I have been doing some pretty good wallowing in my self pity lately and trust me, it's not pretty. It is time to figure out how to shake it...I am lucky to be reminded today that I needed to embrace the lows and allow the lessons I needed to learn come into my life.
Sad times occur to allow us to really appreciate the goodness and beauty that surrounds us every day and, for that, I am truly, truly blessed and grateful!


Tina said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one! Hang in there. The friend part is so hard for me too. Guess people are in our lives for a certain time for a reason.